penile enlargement history

Penis Enlargement History– One hundred years of procedures

In this article i discuss Penis Enlargement History ; Men have been experimenting and using methods to achieve bigger penises for at least 2,000 years starting when the men in Africa did it.

However, the culmination of this activity only happened in about the past twenty or thirty years since mankind has been able to develop medical machinery that can enlarge a man’s penis through traction, as well as through surgical operations and special penis exercises.

The African tribesman of 2,000 years in the past could only try the manual penis exercises that stretched their penises by putting some weights on their manhood or getting the shaft slit open.

A Polynesian man had the method that was the most advanced for its time. He developed a way to get a bigger penis that involved a sleeve type mechanism somewhat like the Chinese toy called a “finger trap.” Besides that, most of the things men used back then to get a bigger penis were likely to cause serious harm.

Thankfully, since then many other ways to get a bigger penis have been put into development.

Progress has changed a man’s craving to have a wider and lengthier penis into real, honest results through stretching exercises, operations, and devices that put traction onto a man’s penis.

A holistic method of enduring penis growth

Penis Enlargement History :Jelqing

This penile exercise was first developed when Middle Eastern fathers wanted to teach their sons about sex. It is called jelqing, and is a type of penile exercise that is now accepted all over the world as a way to get more sexual energy, as well as a wider and lengthier penis.

A jelging session usually takes about a half hour to accomplish and is made up of about 200 repetitions that in time will bring the man penis gains that get them a longer shaft by about 1.4 inches and about an inch in wideth.

To learn more about jelqing and other kinds of exercises to get a bigger penis, go to the website for Penis Health for more information.

Penis Enlargement History :Surgical Operations

Since 1980, Americans have liked using surgery to enlarge the penis. Three kinds of these operations are used: injecting the penis, cutting the penile ligaments, and putting in penile implants that are inflatable.

Injecting the Penis:

This method involves putting cells from other sections of the man’s body into the penile shaft via injections.

Cutting the penis ligaments:

this method is when a doctor cuts a man’s basal ligament in his penis. This does increase the length by around two inches, but it also makes it so the man’s penis may not be able to stand up straight when erect.

Penis implants that inflate:

In this method inflatable implants are inserted into the penis into the area of the corpora cavernosa, which is the spongy part of a man’s penis that gets full of blood when he has an erection. These implants have to be inflated manually.

Every one of these operations can be risky and dangerous, even though they are popular. They have been known to cause penile injuries, deformed penises, scars, and even make it so a man can’t have sex at all. One of the worst is the procedure to cut the ligaments, as it can keep a man’s penis from being able to get erect at all.

Penis Enlargement History :Penile enlarging gear using traction

The very first penis enlarger that was patented came out in 1911. Since then, many of these kinds of devices are both scientifically proven to work, as well as carry the CE mark of meeting medical standards. They are tested to show that they create length through cellular division and growth.

Some of these traction devices to enlarge the penis give the users results in only a week and can give them a penis that is up to 30 percent longer in only six months or less. Plus, when men use a traction device, the results normally are theirs to enjoy forever.

You can find out more about these types of traction machinery for enlarging penises on the website for SizeGenetics.

What does the future hold for penis enlargement methods?

Nowadays there are so many ways to get a larger penis that things have truly greatly involved since it was discovered via a cave painting that men tried to do this as far back as 440 BC.

Now, it’s possible to get that larger penis and you don’t have to worry about hurting your penis or causing you to be unhealthy. There are many different ways that are all safe to use to get a bigger penis. These involve traction, and various types of stretching exercises.

Getting a larger penis is not impossible! Guys can choose from several ways that are guaranteed to give results that produce as much as thirty percent more length that can last forever!


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