Just think about getting up in the morning totally happy with the way your body looks. To realize that every part of your body is precisely the way you desire it and that you wouldn’t change even one thing about it. {Combination of penis exercises and a penis extender}

That’s a great daydream, huh? However, for most of us, that is not real and we aren’t very happy about how our bodies look. This is double true for us guys and how we feel about our penises.

During the past several years or so, I have attempted several kinds of products that were supposed to give me a bigger penis, and I can say quickly that most of the time they didn’t make me feel any better.

But, I recently found a brand new product for getting a larger penis and it’s totally guaranteed to give me more self confidence and help me to give my lover the best time of their lives with my new found sexual progress and penile size!

By doing this method, I was able to get twice as much accomplished for both the inside and outside of my penis. This method assisted me in getting a penis that was nearly two inches longer in just a few short months!

What did I do? I used the benefits of combining both a set of penile exercises as well as an extender for getting a longer penis.

What is involved in a penile exercise plan?

Penile exercises, also called jelquing, are a group of exercises that is done with just your hands and it helps to produce a larger and wider penis.Penile exercise plans help you to get better blood circulation to the penile area, which causes your penis to push outward further due to being engorged with additional blood. This causes your penis to be harder, wider and longer.

Plus, your penis will also benefit by having firmer, rock-hard erections that will allow you to go on and on during your next love-making session until you make your partner scream in happiness.

All you have to do is merely perform each exercise at least a half hour each day. Then, you will be shocked at just how much these steps will benefit the health of your penis and the satisfaction of your love life.

What exactly does an extender for your penis do?

Penis extenders are a form of a traction mechanism and some are also certified as a medical type one device. They were originally developed as a way to treat Peyronies disease (a bent or curved penis), as well as the micro penis syndrome or men who needed a way to get a stronger and healthier penis.

It works by applying gentle pressure to the penis through a specialized traction process used on the shaft of the penis that puts pressure along the penis its corpora cavernosa tissue. This is the part of the penile tissue that contains all the blood when a man has an erection. This is done via the slow stretching process that gradually causes the penis to get longer, and therefore can contain additional blood, which causes him to be able to produce a firmer, rock-solid erection.

Several medical test trials with different kinds of these devices have shown promising results, and some men have gained as much as three full inches, with the average gain of two inches being reported.

Why should penis exercises and a penis extender be used together?

Basically, what penile exercises do is push the blood flow through to the penis and that makes it get bigger since it is pushing more blood into the area. Plus, the traction mechanism then gently stretches the tissues in the penis and also gradually causes it to get larger.

When both the blood inside and the traction outside, work together it causes a double action that makes your penis get larger faster and more efficiently.

How does using penis exercises and a penis extender together work?

As you perform the penile exercises to get a bigger penis, it causes additional blood to be forced into the area and so the penis grows larger. But, there is a limit to the amount of blood that you can force into it, so eventually you will reach the maximum gain using this method.

But, by merely putting on an extender to make your penis longer, you have a continuous gentle stretching that causes the penis to gradually stretch and grow, which also allows more blood into it and so you get a longer shaft.

This way you make it possible for your penis to hold more blood and it causes a faster growth gain and it helps to make sure you get a bigger penis so you can have harder and firmer orgasms and satisfy you and your lover.

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The Top 3 Penis Enlargement Devices Compared

After getting glowing marks for being able to help men get bigger penises naturally by using these devices for getting larger penises, the Jes Extender, and the SizeGenetics and the Ultimate Stretcher were put side-by-side to compare them to each other.

Evaluating these products based on their ability to cause penis growth that is permanent in an eight week timeframe, our three users also looked at how much they cost, how they were designed, how they were supported by the medical community, as well as how well they treated men who had bent penises.

1. SizeGenetics



Rated top device for enlarging the penis

Customer Ratings: 4.9/ 5.0

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This mechanism came out on top as a clearly preferred device between our three users. Besides glowing marks from tests down by GQ Magazine, as well as being featured on the Channel 4 show, ‘Extreme Male Beauty’, the users quickly saw a noticeable change in both the length and in how strong their penises had become during treatment.

They wore them 14 days when they first noticed they could now last longer when they had an erection, as well as the fact that their orgasms had become much more satisfying for them and their partners.

But, that’s not all! In less than an month their penises had grown permanently 1.15 inches longer and a half inch wider, plus the curves in their penises had corrected themselves by 36 percent on average.

Plus, the device got both support from the media, as well as medical tests that proved the mechanism was able to help men get a penis that was as much as three inches longer and up to one inch wider.

Even though you have to pay more for the ultimate deal instead of the basic one, you will quickly notice that the product’s ultimate deal for SizeGenetic ‘s Ultimate package is complete with several bonuses such as two DVDs on how to improve your sex life, one DVD with penis exercises on it, and a free membership to PenisHealth, which totally makes it worth the additional cost and it’s a top notch deal for your payment, specially because it also assisted the users in getting additional blood circulation in their penises, as well as have a heightened sex drive and more stamina in their sexual encounters.


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 2. JesExtender


Second in the rankings for a device for penile enlargement

Customer Ratings: 4.7/ 5.0

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First developed as part of the treatment after surgery for penis enlargement, the Jes Extender costs the most out of the three products because of its branding acknowledgment.

But, even though it costs more, the users thought it was very much worth the additional cost  because it assisted the users in getting a bigger penis by a median amount of three quarters of an inch in length, with one of them actually increasing the length of his penis to an amazing two more inches!

And truly, the high quality of the JesExtender easily impressed all of us. It is formulated from material s for medical type one devices, and it met all the required standards of CE, thus making sure that its users always get the high quality results that they expect all during the use of their product.

Also catching our eye was the way it was able to help the men who had a bent penis get improvements by as much as 30 percent. They got a wider, firmer arousal and had much more sexual stamina and ability to last longer.


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Ultimate Stretcher

Ultimate Stretcher

Third rated penile enlargement mechanism

Customer Ratings: 3.0/ 5.0

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This one is the least expensive of all the others, and is also a medical type one mechanism device for penile traction. However, it is the slowest out of all of the rest of the tested devices.

When it was used for at last two hours a day, this Ultimate Stretcher mechanism helped men grow their penises a half inch in length, which was less growth by half what the SizeGenetics did in and took twice as long.

But even though it was so slow, its high quality still makes it worth talking about. It meets CE standards and it has assisted men in correcting bends in their penises up to 20 percent, helps them to get firmer arousals, get more sexual stamina, and helps to treat men who had problems ejaculating too soon.

This product isn’t recommended if you want the top benefits, but if you don’t have a ;lot of cash to spend, this product is a good one for you to try.

Go to their official Ultimate Stretcher website to buy this penile enlarger if you are shopping on a budget



All in all, all three of the tested penile enlargers were medically tested and shown they had consistent results, the true winner is SizeGenetics by a long shot.

It is not expensive, it’s strong, as well as being made to met the top standards of CE, and if you combine it along with the additional enclosures such as the DVDs with penile exercises and the free forum membership, the SizeGenetics’ results came out to be extraordinary.

These include getting a 30 percent bigger penis, being able to correct penile defects up to 83 percent of the time, and getting more blood circulation into the penis for a bigger arousal and a stronger and firmer penis.

When you see that these benefits occurred in 50 percent of the time frame compared to all the other products tested, if the testing had gone the full 24 weeks, it would have been exciting to see if it would have continued to do better. Even so, it is still an amazing machine that is extremely worth paying attention to.