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A lot of study has been done to find connections between penis size and quality of intercourse and at the end of the day the conclusion which has been drawn says that men with a bigger penis seem to be more confident and are able to maintain longer erections too. All this largely contribute in developing the quality of the sexual life. So, big penises are known to be at the base of a man’s enhanced self esteem and a satisfying sexual life.

With SizeGenetics, it is now possible to enhance the size of the penis and the added benefits like instructional DVD also help in making the quality of the intercourse better. It is because of these that the device has achieved a customer group of more than 50, 000 satisfied users amongst whom some have got longer penises which remain strong for a long time and some are happy with the organ becoming more muscular and big. Thus, in some or the other way all of them have fulfilled their desire and have also provided photographic evidence of the success of the device.

The SizeGenetics package also comes with the PenisHealth DVD which is a collection of exercises which help in growing the organ. These exercises take only some minutes of the day and are painless. They work by increasing the blood flow to the penis so that the erections can be strong and long lasting. This will make your penetration experience better and will give more pleasure to your partner too.

Penis Enlargement Success Story: Confessions

With his disappointing experience of the other means Troy had no confidence in SizeGenetics. He had used other means like penis pump and found them to be uncomfortable and painful. While with them his penis measured 2 inches in flaccid state and 4 inches when erected with a girth of 4 ½ , after the use of SizeGenetics, the flaccid measurement rose to 3 inches which became 5 ½ when erect with a girth of 5 1/2 . He had never expected this change and got very confident with it. His sexual interactions have now become more pleasurable and so he confidently endorses SizeGenetics.

As another happy unknown user said “I’ve increased some inches longer and gotten bigger in girth” He also says. “I no longer have problems of weak bladder I’d had since way before with the kegel exercises described”. “I’m now enjoying life, I’m more confident and everything is on track thanks to PenisHealth”.

Penis Enlargement Success Story : Advertising

While SizeGenetics device has already received the immense support of its satisfied users, the media too has give it a good backing by endorsing it through means like Channel 4 in UK and GQ (Gentleman’s Quarterly) Magazine of US and BBC. So, my whole hearted recommendation goes to this device for men to wish for a bigger and stronger penis.

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