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Penis Enlargement ToolsThe PenisViva.com has made comprehensive research of a number of different penis enlargement pills, natural penile exercises, enhancement devices. Our objective is to find the best method to increase penis size (length & girth) and maintain it for long-term basis.
In our section “Penis Pills ” you can see a penis pill comparison and analysis based on our own research of current penis pills. These days the market is so saturated with enlargement products, how can you possibly select the right one ? We’ll tell you, only a few of them deserve your consideration.

We have also tested various natural penis exercises and devices. We’ve decide to list only the first 3 products because they had top ratings.

Penile Pills Effects and Results for Penis Enlargement

Many of the positive results promised by retailers and manufactures of penis pills aren’t covered by proper scientific tests. Just make a fast search in Google and you’ll find millions of web sites that contain different penile enhancement techniques. Therefore do not be surprised that despite the considerable number of penis pills, penile exercises or enhancement devices available on the market, only a few have actually proven to be effective. The Enlarge4u.com has led extensive research on many different enlargement products (pills, exercises, devices) to find out which is the most effective penis enlargement method to know how to enlarge your penis naturally. Of the large number of enhancement pills that we have tested, only three are recommended to our customers and have been awarded with top ratings in our penis pills comparison chart. The PenisViva.com.com only Reviews products  that we have carefully tested and that we belive are both effective and safe to use.

Is Penile Enlargement Safe? Check the Penis Enlargement Video

Yes, it is 100% safe and it is possible to achieve a bigger and longer penis as long as you buy quality products and avoid the dangerous or unproven techniques that we have referred in our website. One product that we recommend and you should consider is Size Genetics System. It has the strongest backing from medically professionals and currently the best enlargement system on the market. It combines medically backed traction device with its doctor endorsed, award winning Penis Health exercise program to maximize your gains.

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Warning!: Many penis enlargement pills, stretchers, patches, and other devices are unsafe to Increase Penis Size!

The penis enlargement market is full of poorly designed products and ineffective pills that claim they can perform miracles. It is this kind of garbage that gives penis enlargement devices and pills a bad name.

The truth is, there are proven methods for enlarging the size of your penis that are both safe and effective. These good product get buried under all the bad product unfortunately.

So What Really Works and What  Should I Avoid to Increase Penis Size Safely ?

There are many ways to increase the size of your penis. There are pills that increase the blood flow causing larger and harder erections. There are stretchers that increase the amount of tissue causing your penis to gain in length and girth. There are several other types of products and all have been tested and reviewed here.

If you see a product that claims it can increase the size of your penis by 6 inches in 2 weeks, stay away. Outrageous claims like this are red flags for scam products that might be unsafe!

Encrease Penis Size Safely And Effectively

Inrease Penis Size
Inrease Penis Size

So what should you use to safely and effectively increase penis size? We recommend two methods over all others.

Penis Enlargement Pills That Work!

Penis enlargement pills have a very bad reputation these days. While there are tons of bad products out there, there are still some that are clinically proven to work and be safe. So before you dismiss pills, take a minuet or two to learn how they work and see which ones we think are the best!

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Can Penis Stretchers Really Work?

Penis stretchers have been around for a long time. While early models were pretty unsafe, todays current models are both safe and HIGHLY effective. Stretchers can do somethings that pills simply cannot. They can add both length and girth to your erection. So make sure you take a look at your options here!

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