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Are you tired of cheap penis pump promises?

You have purchased a penis pump from shopping websites which doesn’t work?

Do you need more confidence?

We here at Penomet are so confident with our revolutionary penis pump, that we offer you a 365 Days Money Back Guarantee

Penomet review
Penomet review

The Penomet Penis Pump will help you to:

  • Increase your length and thickness.
  • See a permanent increase of up to 3 inches.
  • Recommended for Treating Impotence
  • Stop Premature Ejaculation
  • Increase Your Sexual Stamina
  • Helps in Penile Curvature
  • Helps sufferers of Peyronie’s Disease
  • Boosts your Self Confidence
  • Prevent on the onset of Erectile Dysfunction
  • Amazing 365 Days Money Back Guarantee


Penomet Penis Pump

The Penomet Penis Pump is a new means of increasing penis size – a technological leap forwards from traditional penis pumps. While the Penomet uses similar principles to existing pumps, creating a vacuum to generate negative pressure and stretch the penis, it’s the use of water that sets it apart from the crowd. Using water in the device means that the vacuum and the resultant stretching is applied in an even fashion for considerably better results, as well as eliminating some of the risks of earlier pumps. Water is displaced out of the pump to increase pressure, but some remains to support and protect the penis during use.

The device is simple yet versatile, with it’s unique gaiter system and variable exercise routines offering a personalised experience to suit your particular needs. While older, less developed pumps may be painful for some, the option to change the amount of pressure applied by the Penomet means that your comfort is within your control. If the pump becomes uncomfortable, it’s easy to de-pressure and release, and should you need to you can acquire additional gaiters as required. Compared to penis enlargement surgery, which itself carries some risks of pain and no guarantees of success, the Penomet can be a safer and more reliable alternative.

With gains of 2-3″ in length (as well as girth increases of up to 30%) regularly reported, as well as benefits of the exercises including stronger and longer lasting erections, the Penomet Penis Pump is a device you can trust to deliver results. For your reassurance, there’s also a full year’s guarantee.

Visit the Penomet Website and Try It Out For a Whole Year!

Why is Penomet Better Than the Other Products?

“The Penomet penis pump is light-years away from the competition, leveraging cutting edge technology. It is made, unlike any other penis pump from only medical grade materials. The Penomet has been tested by scientists. “Every piece of the pump’s body, gaiter and safety mechanisms were researched for over 3 years before production began..


How It Works


On a basic level, the Penomet works by creating a vacuum, producing negative pressure around the penis, and as a result stretching it outwards evenly. As the pump is filled with water, the vacuum is easy to create by pushing the water out – compress the device and water goes out, and a non-return valve prevents water or air returning into the Penomet. As a result of there being less liquid within the device, pressure is reduced, creating the stretching effect.

To give a full description of how the Penomet is acting upon the penis; the main parts of the penis are three tubes, the Corpora Cavernosa and the Corpus Spongiosum. While the Corpus Spongiosum is the part through which urination and ejaculation takes place, it’s the Corpora Cavernosa that regulate whether the penis is hard or soft. These two chambers fill with blood as a response to a hormonal signal from the brain.


The Penomet, through stretching these outwards, gradually causes these to grow and so increase the blood capacity of the penis. The outward pressure has a similar effect on the surrounding skin, blood vessels and tissue, with the stretching having a similar effect to exercise on muscle. The pump has a temporary effect of making the penis appear larger, and expanded blood vessels would lead to more blood flow, but it’s the effect of stretching at a cellular level which leads to long term growth. It stimulates the growth and repair of cells, and as they expands and split to form more, real growth occurs.

What You Should Know About Our Penis Pump

The Penomet manufacturing process has been awarded ISO Medical Certification 13450:2003 and our company is fully ISO 9001:2009 certified. SGS independent certification Toxin Free, RoHS Class 1 (www.sgs.com)

You can use Penomet 15 minutes before sex – See the difference straight away Each time you use Penomet your penis will be visibly longer and thicker than the last time! There is no better comparison to any other penis pump on the market today Your penile fitness will improve just like a work out in the gym Don’t dismiss this opportunity, trail Penomet Penis Pump now and remember your 100% back guarantee for 365 day


How to Exercise with Penomet Penis Pump

A key part of maximising the effectiveness of the Penomet is how you use it; while the device is powerful in itself, if you combine using it with some of the recommended routines then you can multiply it’s effects.

One aspect of exercising is using the Penomet exercises program with various gaiters. The gaiters available have strengths ranging from 60 to 80, and you can get them in increments of five. A common method is to gradually increase through the strengths week by week or fortnight by fortnight, but if you reach a strength that you find difficult to use then it’s also effective to alternate between gaiters of any level. Some routines also recommend using one strength of gaiter for a longer, 20-30 minute session, followed by a stronger alternative for five minutes, immediately afterwards or following a short break.

Another means of getting the best out of Penomet exercises is how you stretch while using the pump. You can vary between stretching left, right and straight down, as well as rotating the pump through these positions to give a consistent all round stretch. Additionally, for a more extreme stretch some routines recommend stretching backwards (aka ‘Behind the cheeks’). The most effective use of the pump in these exercises is to stretch and hold for a period of 30 seconds, although obviously if this causes discomfort then you should modify the routine to suit your needs.

Finally there are also some routines that can be carried out alongside Penomet use to further maximise tissue expansion (‘Jelquing’) involving making the ‘OK’ sign with thumb and forefinger and stretching the penis with a milking-type action. Used in combination with short five minute sessions using the Penomet pump, this can be particularly effective.


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