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SizeGenetics Review

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Even though there is a lot of scientific evidence that it is possible to get a bigger penis, some people still don’t think penis enlarging processes exist think {about SizeGenetics}.

sizegenetics penis extender

The top issue is that there are a lot of scams out there for sale. These don’t have the medical evidence to back them up or prove they work and they have gotten into a lot of areas of the marketplace and because of that, they have caused people to disbelieve in penis enlargement devices.

But that is just not true.

Take a closer look and you will discover there are several of the penis traction mechanisms that do have medical proof, as well as recommendations from physicians that proves holistic penis enlarging methods are real.

Who is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics makes a penis enlarging mechanism that is created with medical type one grade components and is possibly the top device for sale now. Plus, it was the leader in getting real recognition by doctors.

sizegenetics penis extender

This doctor approved mechanism for penis traction is scientifically shown to help a man get a penis that is 30 percent longer, plus it is known to treat curved penis issues, impotence and make sex better overall.

But they have been recognized in more than just doctor’s offices, as Size Genetics was written about and had a top story in the GQ men’s magazine, as well as had a show about them on the Channel 4 TV show, “Extreme Male Beauty,” because of its proof of assisting men get bigger penises holistically.

SizeGenetics stars in Men’s magazine: GQ

Overwhelmed by SizeGenetics and all of the scientific trials and doctor recommendations it had, the men’s magazine GQ had a top story on it in the May 2008 edition. That story was not paid for by Size Genetics either! GQ’s head writer, Mr. James Mullinger, tried out the Size Genetics device for four months. He wore it for less than the full amount of time that has been suggested, but still managed to get a longer penis by one half inch. He only stopped because he got worried he might grow too long and admitted that he was fully convinced the Size Genetics mechanism works, but didn’t want to keep going for fear he would get addicted to getting bigger and bigger. Plus, he didn’t want to overwhelm the women in his life with a too long penis.

Extreme Male Beauty on Channel 4

The reporter at Channel 4, Tim Shaw, wanted to find out the answer to a centuries old question that asks if holistic penile enlarging is real. So, Shaw determined that he would try several devices on TV that were said to enlarge a man’s penis and find out if they really did the job or not.

He tested each one for 14 days by making a cast of his own penis right before he began the test and then after it was done. He discovered that his penis had grown a half inch in length and he even kept that increase afterwards for long after the show was over.

Medical backing and endorsements

Besides many endorsements by the media, Size Genetics has gotten strong positive reviews from doctors and physicians as well. It has been put through many trials since it was created in 1994 and has the approval of more than 13 physicians. Every one of these doctors has commended it for being able to help men get a safe, holistic way to get a longer and bigger penis.

Dr. Jorn Ege, M.D. , a specialist in the field of general and plastic surgery, said that his patients that used the Size Genetics mechanism who hadn’t had surgery to lengthen their penises prior to using it got a median increase in length of between 1.5 and 5.0 cms.

The Outcome


Even if getting a bigger penis seems like something unreal to a lot of people, SizeGenetics is taking great strides to show them that it is real and possible to get a larger penis.

They have assisted more than 13,000 men to get longer penises by between two and three inches. Plus, SizeGenetics has given these men the change to talk about their success on the website in the form of testimonials about their penis enlarging stories.

There, SizeGenetics provides proof in the form of pictures to show their mechanism really works by letting you see the pictures before the men used the product and then after they used it to see the difference. These pictures really show just how much of an increase the men got through using the mechanism.

So, put all these things in one place, the magazine article, the TV show, and all the approvals by the doctors, and you will see that Size Genetics has plenty of proof that being able to get a larger penis can be done as long as the men use the correct mechanism.

If you want to read more on the SizeGenetics product, then go to their official webpage  Or,

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